6 Things You Need To Know About NTC Exam

National Teacher Certificate (NTC) exams are an important milestone for aspiring teachers in Ghana. Students are tested on their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the field of education. In addition to evaluating theoretical understanding, the NTC exam also evaluates practical teaching abilities.

Passing this exam qualifies prospective teachers to teach in Ghana’s primary and secondary schools. The NTC exam sets high standards of excellence for teachers and demonstrates Ghana’s commitment to providing quality education to its citizens. This blog post discusses some tips for preparing for the NTC exam.

What Does NTC Exam Means?

What Does NTC Exam Means

The National Teaching Council (NTC) exam is a system of examinations conducted by the Ministry of Education in Ghana. Teachers are tested and certified for their eligibility to teach at various levels of education, including primary, secondary, and tertiary.

NTC exams assess teachers’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values in order to prepare them for employment as educators. Successfully completing the NTC exam qualifies one to teach at any level of education in Ghana.

With this qualification, they are then able to apply for employment positions in the education sector. The NTC exam ensures that only qualified and dedicated teachers are employed in Ghana’s education system. It is also essential for ensuring that students receive quality education and are better equipped to reach their potentials.

Who Qualifies for NTC Exams?

Those who graduated in 2021 or 2022 from the Diploma in Basic Education (DBE), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), Post Graduate Diploma in Education, or Master of Education programs may be eligible to take Ghana’s National Teaching Council Exam. Don’t let previous failures to pass the Ghanaian Teacher Licensure Examination deter you from applying – fresh candidates are welcome.

This exam is necessary in order to be certified and licensed as a teacher in Ghana.

There are written and practical tests in the NTC Exam that assess your knowledge and aptitude for teaching. Candidates who are successful will be able to teach in accredited educational institutions throughout Ghana.

How Long is NTC Training?

NTC Ghana offers a variety of trainings and certifications that range in duration from one day to several weeks. The length of training will depend on the specific program and level of certification desired.

The certification programs offered by NTC Ghana emphasize practical application, hands-on learning, and the highest quality instruction. In most courses, students must take a skills assessment and demonstrate proficiency in the subject matter. NTC also ensures that participants receive the latest industry updates and advancements.

Is NTC Registration Still On Going?

NTC registration takes place twice a year, in March and September. After a certain period of time, registration closes when the registration quota is filled. You can find out if there is an open registration period by contacting NTC Ghana.

What Is The Work Of The NTC?

What Is The Work Of The NTC

The National Teaching Council of Ghana (NTC) is the professional regulatory body for teachers in Ghana. As part of its responsibilities, the NTC registers and regulates teachers in Ghana, provides guidance on professional standards, promotes the development of teaching professionals, ensures quality assurance of teaching, and supports teachers in their professional development.

The NTC is responsible for regulating and monitoring teacher qualifications, including the Ghana Teacher Licensing Examination (GTLE). The GTLE measures the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values of those interested in becoming professional teachers in Ghana. Furthermore, the NTC has developed the National Teaching Standards, which outline the knowledge and skills required for teaching in Ghana.

The NTC also provides teachers with professional development opportunities, such as workshops and seminars, as well as career counseling. The NTC also provides technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of Ghanaian schools.

What Is The Pass Mark For NTC Exams?

Applicants must pass their exams before they can be certified by the National Teaching Council (NTC). For all exams, the NTC requires a minimum passing mark of 50%. In order to be certified, applicants must score at least 50% on the exam.

The NTC may set a higher pass mark for certain exams or subject areas, so applicants should be aware of the specific pass mark for their chosen exam. The NTC may also change the minimum passing mark at any time without notice.

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