Is ASQ (American Society for Quality) A Good Certificate?

ASQ is a professional organization that helps quality professionals and companies improve their quality processes. ASQ offers a variety of resources, including certification programs, publications, and networking opportunities. This post will explore some of the ASQ exams and membership benefits.

What is ASQ Certification?

ASQ Certification is the global leader in quality assurance and quality improvement certifications. With over 50 years of experience, ASQ Certification is dedicated to helping organizations improve their performance and operations by developing and administering quality assurance and quality improvement certifications.

ASQ Certification offers a variety of quality assurance and quality improvement certifications, including the famous Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certifications. ASQ Certification is also a leader in providing quality management system certifications, such as the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

ASQ Certification is widely recognized by organizations worldwide and is often a requirement for employment in quality assurance and quality improvement roles. The US government also recognizes ASQ Certification, and many federal and state agencies require ASQ Certification for contractors working on quality assurance and quality improvement projects.

Is ASQ Certification Worth It?

Is ASQ Certification Worth It

There’s no simple answer to this question since the value of ASQ certification will vary depending on individual circumstances. However, in general, ASQ certification can be beneficial in several ways.

For employers, ASQ certification can be seen to verify that an employee has the necessary skills and knowledge for their position. This can help make sure that employees can perform their job duties effectively.

ASQ certification can also be helpful for employees in terms of career advancement. Holding a credential from ASQ can show that individuals are committed to their profession and are willing to invest in their development. This can make them more attractive to potential employers and open up new opportunities for career growth.

Additionally, ASQ certification can give employees a competitive edge when applying for jobs or promotions. In a tight job market, having an ASQ credential can give individuals a leg up over other candidates who don’t have the same certification.

Overall, the value of ASQ certification will depend on each individual’s goals and circumstances. However, in general, ASQ certification can benefit both employers and employees.

Is ASQ Membership Worth It?

There’s no doubt that ASQ membership can be pretty expensive. An annual membership can cost over $169, not including the cost of joining sections or taking advantage of other benefits. So, the question is: Is ASQ membership worth it?

The answer may depend on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for discounts on certification exams or conference registration, then you may be better off taking advantage of other membership benefits offered by ASQ.

Does ASQ Focus Primarily On The Private Sector?

No, ASQ is a not-for-profit organization that works with businesses of all sectors. They develop and deliver standards, certification programs, tools, and resources that help organizations improve their quality performance. ASQ members come from more than 130 countries and represent various industries, including manufacturing, service, healthcare, construction, and government. ASQ is dedicated to helping people and organizations succeed through quality.

Are ASQ Exams Hard?

This is a difficult question to answer, as the difficulty of the exams varies depending on which certification you are pursuing. However, in general, the ASQ exams are not considered overly difficult. The primary key to success on these exams is proper preparation and studying.

Several resources are available to help you prepare for your ASQ exams, including study guides, practice tests, and online courses. With proper preparation, you should be able to pass your ASQ exams with ease.

ASQ Pass Rate

The pass rate for ASQ exams varies depending on the specific exam. However, the pass rate for ASQ exams is relatively high. This is due, in part, to the fact that the exams are not overly complex. Check the graph below for a better understanding:

ASQ Pass Rate
Source: ASQ

Final Thought

ASQ is a global community of experts passionate about quality and committed to providing members with the tools they need to succeed. ASQ’s goal is to help you improve your products and services and advance your industry as a whole.

They provide training, certifications, and access to knowledge and resources so that you can continue making an impact in your field. With ASQ by your side, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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