ABIM Exam: 5 Things You Need To Know Before Get Started

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) is a nationally recognized organization certifying physicians specializing in internal medicine. ABIM provides board certification for physicians who have completed training in internal medicine and passed an examination process. Certification by the ABIM demonstrates a physician’s commitment to lifelong learning and high-quality patient care.

ABIM’s mission is to promote excellence in medicine, set standards for physician training and continuing education, and assess the knowledge and skills of physicians through examinations. ABIM is a not-for-profit organization that serves the public and the profession of medicine.

It is responsible for certifying internists, who are physicians who specialize in the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases of the internal organs. Here you learn about ABIM, is it worth doing, and the passing requirements.

Is The ABIM Exam Difficult?

Is The ABIM Exam Difficult

The ABIM exam is not easy. It is considered to be one of the most challenging exams in the medical field. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to pass. Some resources and strategies can be used to increase your chances of success.

One of the most important things you can do is ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the exam. This means taking practice quizzes and exams and studying the material covered on the test. There are some different ABIM review courses available, and choosing one that best fits your needs is vital.

It is also essential to have a positive attitude going into the exam. Believe in yourself and your ability to pass, and do not let the difficulty of the exam get you down. If you confidently approach the exam, you will be more likely to succeed.

Is ABIM Exam Open Book?

Yes, the ABIM exam is an open book. You are allowed to bring one reference book and one notebook with unlimited pages. The only restriction is that you cannot use an electronic device. For more information, please visit the ABIM website.

What Is The Passing Score For ABIM Exam?

The passing score for the ABIM exam is an overall score of 45%. This means that you need 366 from 800 points to pass. The score is calculated by taking the average of your point totals from all exam sections. So, what is the excellent score for ABIM?

A score of 45% is passing, but a “good” score would be anything above 70%. This is because the ABIM exam is notoriously difficult, and the average score is often below 50%. Anything above 70% would be considered an excellent score. To get a good score on the ABIM exam, you should focus on mastering the material and practicing as much as possible.

What Is The ABIM Pass Rate?

The pass rate depends on the year and the administration. According to 2021 data, the first-time pass rate for the ABIM is 89%. The five-year passing rate is 96%.

What Is The ABIM Pass Rate
Source: ABIM

Is UWorld Sufficient For ABIM?

UWorld is a company that provides online resources and practice tests for various exams, including the ABIM. UWorld offers a wide range of resources that can be very helpful in preparing for the ABIM. In particular, UWorld offers a question bank that contains over 2,000 ABIM practice questions. This question bank can be beneficial in familiarizing yourself with the content of the ABIM and preparing for the exam.

Additionally, UWorld offers many full-length practice exams that can be very helpful in preparing for the ABIM. These practice exams can help you get a feel for the format of the ABIM and identify any areas in which you may need additional review. Overall, UWorld can be a beneficial resource in preparing for the ABIM.

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